Our services broadly fall under three areas of expertise: Planning, Design and Management.
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We combine our in-depth knowledge of current policies and regulations with an unwavering focus on creativity and innovation in landscape planning. We advise on proposals affecting the landscape, contribute to environmental impact assessments and influence policy and strategy. This also involves work on master planning for development and regeneration schemes.

We also conduct community engagement and consultation workshops, and advise on compliance with relevant policy, legislation, best practice and standards.


Aesthetics, function and technical expertise are brought together to deliver transformative experiences and outstanding environments. We use our spatial design skills and knowledge to shape both the natural and built environments to create desirable places for people to live, work and play, and for plants and animals to thrive.

In practice this means designing solutions that reflect the long-term identity and qualities of place in a sustainable and aesthetically coherent way – specifying plants as well as construction materials and other elements of hard landscapes.


Ensuring seamless delivery and handover requires an approach that is detail-focused, big-picture in scope and with sustainability at its core. Sustainability is the primary element of this discipline, since landscape management ensures that environments can meet needs for present and future users.

In this context we assess the characteristics, history and potential of sites, draw up management plans to ensure good practice is implemented, and ensure those plans are flexible and can be effectively administered.

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